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LENS - Low Energy Neurofeedback System

We Proudly offer Amarillo a local LENS counseling service at Denise Pounds Counseling & Biofeedback

Our  Amarillo LENS Low Energy Neurofeedback system is not like traditional Neurofeeedback

Transformative Healing with LENS - The Low Energy Neurofeedback System used by Denise pounds Amarillo Counseling center

In the dynamic field of mental health and wellness, innovative technologies continue to play a pivotal role in offering cutting-edge solutions. One such groundbreaking advancement is the Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS), championed by Amarillo Counseling. The concept of Low Energy Neurofeedback (which is a completely unique form of “brain optimization” ) was first introduced by Dr. Len Ochs, Ph.D. in 1990.

After introducing his ideas to several national forums, he established Ochs Labs to further develop and hone Low Energy Neurofeedback concepts and the technology fueling its success. Denise Pounds Amarillo Counseling Center offers LENS treatments right here in Amarillo!

Understanding LENS:

LENS, or Low Energy Neurofeedback System, is a non-invasive neurofeedback technology designed to address a range of neurological and psychological concerns. Developed to assist in optimizing brain function, LENS operates by providing gentle and low-energy electromagnetic pulses to the brain, influencing neural patterns and promoting self-regulation. Amarillo Counseling has embraced this technology to enhance their therapeutic offerings, providing clients with a unique and effective approach to mental health care.

The LENS is a specific kind of neurofeedback that operates much more rapidly than “traditional neurofeedback” and has qualities that make it easier to use with people who are unable to sit still. With the LENS, the client doesn’t need to “do” anything, and there is nothing to learn. The typical session with the LENS lasts 3-4 minutes. This means that the LENS works well for people who either cannot pay attention to a computer screen for longer time periods like those used in “traditional neurofeedback.”

We apply sensors to the scalp to capture brainwave activity, processing the signal by our computer software, and extracting information about the client’s brainwave frequencies. Through a patented process, we then bring this information back to the client’s scalp via the sensors. The results are reduction and/or resolution of the symptoms which previously interfered with the client’s quality of life.

Each client’s EEG signals (brain waves) are unique to them and constantly changing. The LENS measures these ever-changing signals of the client and matches the feedback to the client’s own physiological (neurological) fingerprint.

The LENS software identifies the Dominant Frequency at any moment (the frequency associated with the highest amplitude wave) and mirrors this information back to the brain. In other words, the brain is receiving a subset of the information that the brain itself is generating.  Regarding wavelength range: the software monitors the EEG at the scalp, and tracks 1-42Hz waves, ignoring any waves above 42 Hz.

Customized and Non-Invasive Therapy:

One of the standout features of LENS is its ability to tailor therapy to individual needs. Our Amarillo Counseling center utilizes LENS to create personalized 0treatment plans based on clients' specific neurological patterns and concerns. The non-invasive nature of the therapy makes it suitable for a diverse range of clients, including those who may be hesitant to explore traditional therapeutic methods.

Effective Treatment for Various Conditions:

Amarillo Counseling employs LENS as a versatile tool in addressing a spectrum of conditions, ranging from anxiety and depression to trauma-related disorders. The low-energy electromagnetic pulses generated by LENS are believed to assist the brain in resetting dysfunctional patterns, leading to improved emotional regulation and cognitive function. Clients undergoing LENS therapy at our Amarillo Counseling Center report positive outcomes, with many experiencing a reduction in symptoms and an enhanced quality of life.

Enhancing Cognitive Performance:

Beyond its application in treating mental health disorders, LENS has shown promise in enhancing cognitive performance. Denise Pounds Amarillo Counseling center utilizes LENS to work with clients seeking improved focus, attention, and overall cognitive function. By promoting more efficient neural communication, LENS becomes a valuable tool in helping individuals optimize their mental capabilities and achieve peak performance in various aspects of life.

Neuroplasticity and Lasting Change:

LENS operates on the principles of neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to reorganize and adapt. This innovative approach to therapy, as implemented by Denise Pounds Amarillo Counseling center, acknowledges the brain's capacity for change and growth. LENS is designed to stimulate neuroplastic processes, allowing clients to break free from maladaptive patterns and create lasting positive changes in their lives.

User-Friendly Experience:

Amarillo Counseling has prioritized the user-friendly nature of LENS therapy. Clients undergoing LENS treatment appreciate the simplicity and comfort of the process, which involves wearing sensors on the scalp to receive the low-energy electromagnetic pulses. Unlike traditional neurofeedback systems that may require active participation, LENS therapy at Amarillo Counseling is a passive experience, making it accessible and comfortable for a wide range of individuals.


In the realm of mental health and wellness, Denise Pounds Amarillo Counseling center adoption of the Low Energy Neurofeedback System represents a significant leap forward. LENS offers a non-invasive, personalized, and effective approach to addressing a variety of mental health concerns. Through the transformative power of LENS, Amarillo Counseling continues to pioneer innovative and client-centered therapeutic interventions, providing individuals with the tools they need to achieve lasting well-being and mental health.

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